This tiger is taking a fatal spear to the head- possibly to the brain

Tiger hunt

Now that guns are used, this tiger stands no chance

 There is lots of Siberian tiger art.


Many paintings of Siberian tigers often show them being killed by snakes or humans. Lots consist of a brave hunter stabbing a tiger in the brain, immediatley killing it. Most paintings show tigers being stabbed in the mouth or brain with a sharpened spear. Some may be disturbing. Some also show tigers being wrestled and killed by humans. On rare occasions a painting of a man bashing a tiger's head with a rock is shown or a python twirled around the tiger, fatally killing it using sufferication.

Truth (other drawings)Edit

Tigers usually donot get their heads busted open with a rock or killed by pythons but they are killed by humans on elephants. The tiger leaps out of the grass and the spear is usually inserted into the brain's center but now India uses guns which can blow a tiger's brains out with just one shot. As they tiger leaps or runs the trigger is pulled and the tiger goes down with a bullet in the brain. The brain is removed and used for medicine. These pieces of art show tiger killing and hunting.

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