Tiger caged

This is an example of the cruelty hunters do to ensure the tiger's death: Stretching the body with ropes 6 feet above ground.

Tiger fur is considered high quality and it is expensive. Tiger meat is considered a rich food and is consumed everywhere in India and some parts of Asia. The sad truth is there are only about 3,100 tigers left in the world.

How to skin a tigerEdit

Tiger skinning is a step by step process in which four people hold the paws, stretching the body out. The tiger's penis and balls are removed first. Then the skinner makes a long slit down the belly soft-spot. The tiger's paws are then tied up and all four people rip the skin off the meat. The balls are fed to dogs while the penis is used for a medicine. Tiger meat is said to be good and will keep bad spirits away. The tiger's legs are removed and the teeth is sometimes used as trophies.
Tiger eaten

This unlucky beast was killed, skinned, and to be consumed

Tiger on stick

This tiger was killed by a hunter on an elephant. This is how tigers are traditionally killed besides snares.

Tiger tracking

All hope is not lost. These scientists clip a tracking device on a huge Siberian!


Tigers are hunted for being killers. Many tigers have attacked and eaten people in the night. In some places people wear masks that have painted faces on them so tigers will not attack. Tigers like to strike when the prey is not expecting it.

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