Siberians usually donot have many predators.... but their cubs do.


A female goes to retrieve food. She leaves her cubs in the den. When she returns her cubs have disappeared. She sees a long green belly sliding over the grass: a Python has consumed her cubs.

Pythons (Pie-Thonns) are a large species of snake that live in India along with Siberian Tigers. They prey on tiger cubs that are defenceless. Pythons know NOT to mess with a full grown mature tiger who will attack. Pythons often attack cubs when the mother is not present. They slide from trees and onto the ground. A single python will probably consume the whole litter! That's usually 3 to 4 cubs!


Jackals are hyena-like wild dogs that can prey on a full grown tiger! The pack surrounds the tiger and usually bites the neck until the tiger goes down. They mostly,however, prey on young tigers who are not as strong as their 10 foot long cousins! Jackals usuallly feed on carcasses of tigers,buffaloes, wild pigs and other animals.

This deadly snake preys on the cubs of Siberian tigers


This single jackal knows better than to mess with this male Siberian tiger.

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