Two tigers succesfully breeding. The position usually consists of the male grasping the females scruff to hold the position.


This sexually mature male tiger positions himself onto his female partner. He will soon penetrate her vagina with his penis and release sperm.

Tiger cubs

Newborns are soon given birth to. A mother tiger is an expert at caring for her cubs.

 Most female Siberians reach oestrus starting at about 21/2 years old but will not sexually mature till about 3 maybe 4 years old. The beginning of oestrus is when females signal their readiness by roaring,moaning, and spraying. The female roars until a mate is found. The decline of tigers sometimes results with no mating partners.


Once a mating male is found the two tigers often circle each other. If the female tries to run  away, the male quickly pursues her.The two will often rub genital areas together and copulation occurs shortly after. The male will mount the female and grasp her scruff. He then penetrates the vagina with a backwards pointing penis with a band of about 120-145 sharp spines. She yowls in pain but he will release semen.


Cubs are usualy born 5-7 weeks later. The female gives birth through the vagina. She then licks the cubs to warm them and nips open a sac so they can breath. Her mating partner plays no role in caring for the cubs. The cubs are born striped and are about as long as a newborn puppy. Later their mother will teach them to hunt. The tigress keeps her cubs in a sheltered/protected area. They will drink her milk for a few weeks but will soon develope the craving for meat.

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